Family 2013

Family 2013



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Playing outside is hard work! You can sure work up an appetite!

More Progress!

Carter loves playing outside with our friend, Macy. The sunshine is beautiful!

Still Assisting!


We are very thankful to our friend and neighbor, Mr.Mark for coming over and helping Roy with the playset.

I forgot to mention that Roy has a small helper! I had to bring Carter's tools outside to keep him out of trouble. I will post pictures as the playset progresses.


Construction has begun on the boys new playset from Sams. On the book of directions, which is 60 pages long, it says 2 medium skilled people- completion 20-24 hours- We will see how long it takes for one! My parents are coming in 2 weeks to help if the weather allows.

Spring Day

Carter loves playing outside. His Aunt Gail and Uncle Dick gave him a basketball goal last year and he loves playing ball! Not a big fan of pictures but I had to post this-

Potty Training Prizes

Potty Training was not easy, but I think Carter has made it to the other side! Prizes were given when he successfully made it to the potty. You can tell that Roy chose the prizes- pirate things, guns, army men...........
Grayson is a very happy baby. He smiles and laughs alot. Carter loves playing with him and is ready for him to "play." I have to admit that he cries when we put him down or we are not in his line of sight.

Grayson Bishop

Introducing Grayson Bishop! He is a precious baby! He sleeps alot which is a blessing considering that Carter, his big brother, did not sleep hardly at all.