Family 2013

Family 2013



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall 2011

Silver Dollar City in the Fall was a blast!  Carter has grown 1/2 inch from summer to fall to upgrade bands!  He can now ride all rides 48" allows!  He has wanted to ride this with his daddy since they put it in, and THIS time Carter was tall enough!  I was scared to death that he would panic, but we could hear him laughing the entire ride!  He LOVED it!
We have Super Heroes as our theme this year for our pumpkins.  Iron Man and Spider Man are proudly displayed on our mantle.

Carter had his first fall break this year.  The boys and Roy got to spend an entire week home together while I went to work.  According to Roy, they all had fun and he would like to do it again!  Roy took these pics of the boys and had them put in a picture as a surprise. 

Carter played fall tee ball this year.  He loves baseball!  He has learned to really hit the ball and is getting better at catching.  He even tagged a guy out on second base!  His coach is very patient and loves to teach the fundamentals.  This park had a play area for Grayson, so he wasn't as bored as the summer.  Grayson is ready to play too!  Roy practices in the yard with both boys and I think they are pretty good.  Do I think we have Derek Jeters in our family......................possibly!!!!

Can't believe that it is almost the holiday season again!  Seems that the work days drag on and on but family time always flies by!  Hug your family and friends!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Other Favorites!

 Roy and his sister, Sheila on Game Day!  Go Hogs!
 Aunt Chelle standing with Carter until he musters up the courage to stand alone!
 He did it!  Getting better with decorations!
 He is a wonderful big brother!
 My favorite of the two of them!
My two Bishop Boys!  Love them to pieces!

Grayson chooses HIS pumpkin today!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Patch with Carter!

 Carter getting ready to listen to the speaker tell him all about pumpkins!

 We went through the cornstalk maze a little differently than most;  we went in through the entrance and exited through the entrance!  Nope, I was not leading!!!
 Carter LOVED playing in the hay!
 Carter and his buddy, Easton!
 Better late than never to get a picture of Carter and his teacher, Ms. Kelly!  Such a precious lady!
 Racing through the hay tunnels was a blast!
 Carter learned how to play tug of war.  He really dug his heals in!
 Pumpkin Roll was fun to watch!  Took real concentration!
 Lunch anyone?
 Mommy's personal day was well spent.  Quality time with my Bug!

 One of my favorites!

Picking his own pumpkin right out of the patch was really fun for him!  So many to choose from!